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[Texture] Flow’s HD 0.7.2

Here is a port of one of my personal favourites- Flow’s HD. It’s a very clear, modern, contemporary texture- Keralis uses it alot. It’s great if you’re building something with that mood.
No point just talking about it- here are some pictures!

You probably want to download it. Links: Dropbox | Mediafire

Thanks to RealisticCrafter for his awesome port.

Here’s a fix for the awkward fire pixel :/


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  • alv byte commented on 16/08/2013 Reply

    ios not jailbreak

    • Lachlan Patterson commented on 17/08/2013 Reply

      I’ll put a page up on the site shortly. Check back in a few hours

    • Anonymous commented on 26/02/2014 Reply

      Can you update it to 0.8.1 ??

  • Lachlan Patterson commented on 16/08/2013 Reply

    It depends whether you have android or iOS.

  • alv byte commented on 15/08/2013 Reply

    How to instal ??

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