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How To Install ModPE Scripts

ModPE is a modding API for mod creation in Javascript. You can follow the instructions below to install ModPE scripts on your device!


  1. You need Blocklauncher or Blocklauncher Pro
  2. Open BlockLauncher and tap the wrench button at the top of the screen
  3. Tap “Manage ModPE Scripts”
  4. Tap “Import”
  5. Tap “Local storage”, and select the mod file that you downloaded

The mod will be installed. The mod only works if you play with Blocklauncher, so you can’t use the mod with normal Minecraft.

iOS (outdated)

The iOS method is abandoned and only works on 0.7.x. See this article for instructions if you have a jailbroken device and MCPE 0.7.x.


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  • Arturo commented on 07/08/2015 Reply

    Gusto ko ito

  • Tapaki commented on 13/02/2015 Reply


  • rulyroo commented on 15/01/2015 Reply


  • Noah commented on 04/01/2015 Reply

    It keeps on saying that theres a server error and that it has a internal error. what should i do?

    • Cozy Dude commented on 04/01/2015 Reply

      I’d recommend requesting support from the developer of the application 🙂

  • Anonymous commented on 20/11/2014 Reply

    What is the id?

  • Hunter Cornell commented on 26/07/2014 Reply

    I honestly don’t know the ID, lol ive never really modded my mcpe because I never needed it

  • Sebastian Agius commented on 15/07/2014 Reply

    The repo does not work for iOS help please because I am really looking forward to developing mods.

  • Anonymous commented on 10/07/2014 Reply

    is this compatible with 0.9.0

    • Anonymous commented on 11/07/2014 Reply

      Yes it should I tried it and it worked

  • crafter commented on 06/01/2014 Reply

    where i may download Blocklauncher for MCPE 0.8.1?

  • Anonymous commented on 04/12/2013 Reply

    what is the latest version of minecraft that this works for? I am currently running 0.7.6. Is this compatible?

  • ReScribe Mc commented on 28/10/2013 Reply

    I have it all installed but minecraft crashes when I try to open it :’C

    • Lachlan Patterson commented on 25/11/2013 Reply

      Your version of ModPE probably hasn’t been updated for your MCPE version.

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