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[Map] DOTA

Tengus has fully recreated Hypixel’s DOTA map so we can play in PE- check it out!

I think all of you know Defense of the Ancients.
It is a game for the PC where you have to defend your towers
and destroy all the towers of your enemies.
I rebuild the WHOLE Minecraft map which is made by Hypixel
in Minecraft Pe! It is fully working with an redstone alternative shop system
and an AWESOME scenerie! Buy weapons and armor with items!
You can use every single item in the game to buy new stuff at the shops.
(Not TnT and Flint&Steel)
-You can play up to 3Vs3 players
-Fully working redstone alternative shop system
-Buy powerful weapons. strong armor and healthy food at
the shops
-A beatiful scenery with a lot of secrets
-Find secret chests with sand (to open new shops)
or useful tools (like a diamond-sword)
-Battle your enemies team and destroy all 9 towers!
-Open world game!
-Fully automatic and save redstone mechanic start system
-Fully automatic mob-spawner (for getting items)
You have to destroy all 9 towers of your enemies team with TnT.
But be careful because your enemies can kill you whenever they see you and they also wants to destroy your towers!
So you have to defend them and prepare yourselve for the biggest fight of your life!
Buy some strong armor or powerful weapons at the shops.
But for this you have to go to the forest first and kill some mobs to get their items.
With the items you can buy things at the shops.
If you have destroyed all 9 towers of your enemies team, you win!
Don’t take any items out of the chest shops unless you paid for them!
Don’t take items from the spawnarea of your enemies team!
All other rules and how to play is ingame at the spawn on signs!

Get It

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