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I stumbled upon this yesterday, and felt like sharing.

MinecraftEdu is the collaboration of a small team of educators and programmers from the United States and Finland. We are working with Mojang AB of Sweden, the creators of Minecraft, to make the game affordable and accessible to schools everywhere. We have also created a suite of tools that make it easy to unlock the power of Minecraft in YOUR classroom.

Cool, huh? Imagine using Minecraft in class, teaching you about Roman architecture, economy, etc! What they’ve done is made a discount for schools when they buy the licenses, and a huge library of tools.

Minecraft is designed from the ground up to be open-ended and modifiable, allowing it to be tailored for YOUR curriculum. Minecraft can support your goals whether you are teaching to Core Standards, allowing your students to an opportunity for creative expression, or anything in between.
The game is being used to teach more than just computer skills. It easily lends itself to science, technology, engineering and math explorations (STEM). But beyond that, language teachers are strengthening communication skills, civics teachers are exploring how societies function, and history teachers are having their students recreate ancient civilizations. It is not an exaggeration to say that the only limit is imagination!

They have a large forum and wiki for tools and stuff, but most important of all, they have a huge mod to make it easy for teachers, and adds a lot of features for learning.

MinecraftEdu’s tools include-

  • All special features are accessible through in-game menus… no config files or command lines!
  • Write assignments and instructions that are visible to students.
  • Students can use their names, pick a gender, and change their skin while playing.
  • Password-protected “Teacher Mode” with access to many powerful abilities.
  • Run a custom server for each of your classes with just a few clicks.
  • Ability to save and load worlds and activites.
  • Powerful world-building tools to quickly create your own lessons.
  • Custom teacher-only blocks that can give information, create boundaries, or control where students can build.
  • Teleport students, give items, and allow flying.
  • Ability to mute/unmute and freeze/unfreeze students.
  • Change the time, weather and game modes on the fly.
  • Includes an expansive Tutorial World to introduce new players to the game.

So here’s the info if your teacher is interested-
Classroom Edition

  • Only available to schools.
  • All world-building and classroom management features included.
  • 100 players on classroom server.
  • Costs $41 US Dollars
  • Special discount for student accounts
There’s a lot more information at

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