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King Jones in LBSGLifeboat Survival Games is the largest survival games server network for Minecraft PE, with over 250 servers.

Survival Games begins with all player spawning around some central chests. After some time, the game starts and you can begin collecting gear, such as tools and food. There are a bunch of chests scattered throughout the map, so you’ll easily get stacked for the deathmatch at the end!

Join Lifeboat Survival Games by adding the address

Sky WarsThe Lifeboat Network also hosts some other awesome gametypes- such as Skywars and Lifeboat Frontier.

Skywars is another also game, in which you spawn on an island with limited resources, and are forced to make your way to other islands to kill your opponents.
Join Sky Wars by adding the address

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  • LEAVROYLEOPARD commented on 30/10/2016 Reply

    Make a speed builders server please

  • DiMiTri commented on 07/10/2016 Reply

    Bho,non saprei

  • Annabelle commented on 06/12/2015 Reply

    I can’t play spleef!?
    WAAA waaa

  • Annabelle commented on 06/12/2015 Reply

    I can’t play spleef!?

  • SkyPlayer commented on 01/12/2015 Reply

    Code servers plzzz!!!

  • jjiqnpe commented on 23/11/2015 Reply

    The best

  • Jerome7 commented on 21/11/2015 Reply

    Awesome server! Could you add more mini games like creative and Skyblock?

  • Lexi commented on 16/11/2015 Reply

    I tried that IP address and it will not let me go into any of them I have the 0.12.3 update currently

    • Jerome7 commented on 21/11/2015 Reply

      I don’t think they updated to 0.12.0-0.12.3 and new update just updated 0.13.0

  • Tristan commented on 11/11/2015 Reply

    I got vip but it won’t work

    • Jerome7 commented on 21/11/2015 Reply

      That was the same with me trying to apply to staff with another server on PC Version.

  • Erick commented on 13/10/2015 Reply

    Cool server I love lifeboat

  • David commented on 09/10/2015 Reply

    This is cool. Thank you.

  • Leo Walton commented on 09/10/2015 Reply

    Azoozadel9 was invisible in a death match, I think they were hacking, I would’ve won if he wasn’t invisible.

  • Kristoffer commented on 07/10/2015 Reply


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