[Map+Texture]Paradisia Lingusta

This is an amazing map made by Tengus with 6 chapters. Explore the nether, the end and more!!
You wake up on a raft and asking yourselves what has happened in the last hours.
Slowly your memories come back up.
Fire everywhere!!!
Screaming people!!!
A rumble of gunfire and then?…
Darkness… It wraps around you and try to pull you down…
Down into the infinite depths of the ocean…
You try to repress the horrible memories and think clearly what happened.
There it hits you like a bolt.
They attacked the ship!!!
At that moment you realize that your raft was flushed through the flow pretty close to an island approached.
´´Saved!!´´ You think.
You swim to the island and there you find a house with a diary by a buddy of yours.
He also stranded here and try now to find the pirates and destroy their ship too.
You decide to help him.
Gradually, you will discover the dark secrets of the island and that the pirates are only the smallest problem.

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