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[ModPE] Ultimate Commands

Today I came across an amazing ModPE script. which gives you heaps of commands to use. Watch the video above, or read below fore more information.

Here’s a list of all the commands, and what they do-
/sprint <on/off>
Enables you to run twice as fast
/explode <radius>
Creates an explosion where you are standing with the radius specified- e.g. /explode 14
/give <id> <amount>
Gives you any item of any amount- e.g. /give 7 40/ignite
Sets fire to you and the block you’re standing on
/tp <x> <y> <z>
Teleports you to those co-ordinates- e.g. /tp 160 140 50
Find your current co-ordinates
/bomb <on/detonate/off>
Setting bomb on will let you place a bomb by tapping the ground where you want it. Setting bomb to detonate will blow it up. Setting bomb off will stop you from placing bombs anymore
/mc <on/off>
Creates a glass magic carpet
Makes a 3×3 hole all the way to the void
/spawn <mobname/off>
Spawns a mob of your choice by tapping the ground.
/rain <mobname>
Rains heaps of mobs in your area
Creates a HUGE explosion
/instabreak <on/off>
Lets you break blocks instantly with the gold pickaxe
Teleports you to the surface when you’re underground
Teleports you to the next level up
Teleports you to the next level down
/panorama <on/off>
The screen pans to the right as a beautiful panorama. Looks great with hidden GUI.

So check it out! Definitely download this below-

Get It

click above


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