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Developers Jens Bergensten, Johan Bernhardsson and Tommaso Checci tell us more about the recent 0.8.0 release, and more about the 0.9.0 release. Infinite worlds!

The poll they talk about can be found here– with results viewable here.

– skins likely for 0.9.0
– 0.9.0 will likely have a nether reactor replacement, says Johan
– Tommo wants villagers in 0.9.0 (Johan doesn’t know yet), they probably won’t be tradable at first
– texture packs possible, probably will be added after 0.9.0
– remember those commands that you found in 0.7 that didn’t work? they were for devs only
– more biomes likely for 0.9.0
– to reduce lag turn off fancy graphics an stop looking at leaves… but you probably already knew that…
– new controls coming soon…

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