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Top 5 MCPE Cities on MCPE Universe

Who isn’t a fan of an awesome city… especially in Minecraft PE! Today we go through the top five most downloaded cities. Let’s have a look!

#5 Minecraft PE Huge City

Filled with many towers, this map has, well, a lot of awesome towers! Towers of every size, shape, design, and colour. Need a tower idea? Just look here!

#4 Tazader 10

One of the most famous MCPE cities, with over 85,000 downloads ever, Tazader 10 has everything! It has a huge range of different buildings, including a new Soccer Arena, Factorys, Supermarkets, Schools, a renovated Hockey Arena, and the Twin Towers. Tazader also includes Hotels, Skyscrapers, Parks, a Hydroelectricity plant, strip clubs, restaurants, a cargo port, warehouses, boats, pools and much more!

#3 Futuristic City Map Port

Originally by TheVoxelBox, this epic modern city is absolutely extreme! Littered with skyscrapers, some buildings even have parkour inside!  If you need modern inspiration, do check out this map!

#2 Futuristic/Modern City

This amazing space age city has the quirkiest buildings you can find. All set to a modern space theme, this city will amaze you, with cars and spaceships, and a whole lot more.

#1 xPoizon’s City

Not only does this map have wind turbines to generate renewable electricity, a golden-gate bridge replica to get cars and buses to the centre of the city, but also an awesome stadium to get an epic entertainment fix.
Get it here.
Have a look at any of these maps if you like, they’re all worth it! And why not comment your favourite while you’re at it!

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  • Cyrus commented on 17/08/2015 Reply

    I think this CITY is awesome and cool.

  • Anonymous commented on 22/11/2014 Reply

    why do the pictures not work on this website?

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