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[0.9.0] Wolves, Ocelots and Silverfish

“Working on a long waited for Pocket Edition feature. Still acting quite weirdly… but it’s not just the wolves, so I blame Tommo and Johan 😉 Tomorrow and Thursday I’ll be busy with other stuff, but next week I’ll try to add Ocelots and Silverfish. #mcpe”

As shown above, Mojang’s lead developer Jens Bergensten (or Jeb) has shared a new screenshot from 0.9.0 on Instgram, showing the new Wolves, and mentioning the addition of Ocelots and Silverfish.

For those who aren’t familiar with the Minecraft mobs, the Minecraft Wiki has a couple of good articles- on Ocelots and Silverfish.

These are more mobs we can see coming in 0.9.0, along with Endermen and Slimes

Jeb also says this on Twitter, but adds he is unsure about adding Squids.

@callumitch Yes, I’ll add Ocelots, but I’m not sure about Squids yet
— Jens Bergensten (@jeb_) February 18, 2014

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  • Anonymous commented on 09/03/2014 Reply

    When will 0.9.0 be coming out

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