0.9.0 Beta Released!!!

With 0.9.0 just around the corner, Johan and Tomasso have finally released the first beta, as shown in the video above. This of course includes everything shared on the multiple MCPE news websites, such as villagers and endermen. A large list of the new features are available here- http://www.reddit.com/r/MCPE/comments/1whyg6/090_update_newsdiscussion/

For this beta Johan and Tomasso have decided to not use a Google Plus group, as it just made people grumpy for 0.8.0.

Johan’s tweet-

So, as provided on the post on Mojang’s website, here’s the 0.9.0 beta download link!
Click here to download!

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  • Bum commented on 11/11/2015 Reply


  • mustafa abuelhia commented on 23/06/2014 Reply
  • Adam Bones commented on 15/05/2014 Reply

    So I was like woah Man 0.9.0 so I went on Twitter to check it out and I didn’t see it anywhere so I got suspicious and I was like “Awh what the heck!” I downloaded it then scrolled down and looked at the comments and I was like … wha-? … xD Nice prank

    • Bum commented on 11/11/2015 Reply

      Y u have so much time in ur life to write long explanations that no one gives a damn about

      • Bum commented on 11/11/2015 Reply

        Btw u just got wrecked by a bum

        • Bum commented on 11/11/2015 Reply

          Lol jokes

  • bradley buckley commented on 11/05/2014 Reply


  • Ej Ramos commented on 26/04/2014 Reply

    Damn I was hype till I open the file. Its said april fools����������

  • Anonymous commented on 06/04/2014 Reply

    this is fake

  • Anonymous commented on 03/04/2014 Reply

    April fools!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous commented on 31/03/2014 Reply

    I dont trust this cuz i cant find a tweet where JB siad this
    And Splitr also never tweetd this so…

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