[BlockTalk] Episode 3 – The MCPE Podcast: 0.9.0 Release Date Info and Villagers!

BlockTalk is the new MCPE Podcast, by AceCraftGaming, with a new episode coming out every week. Subscribe to the channel to see every episode.

Support The Show!
● BlockTalkPE: http://bit.ly/1hb0R9b
● LLom007: http://bit.ly/1fr9n4d
● Ace: http://bit.ly/1jY1Ddm
● AelitaRtpuil: http://bit.ly/1mmf5WJ

Guest Information!
● Atheo’s YouTube: http://bit.ly/O7ckMV
● Atheo’s Twitter: http://bit.ly/1lhbPLC

News This Week!
● Packed Ice In Minecraft Pocket Edition: http://bit.ly/1hWdhlR
● Minecraft PE 0.9.0 Release Date: http://bit.ly/1ilkomW
● MCPE On Windows Phone: http://bit.ly/1fUvagz
● Villagers In Minecraft Pocket Edition: http://bit.ly/1lJgKrD
● Villages In Minecraft Pocket Edition: http://bit.ly/1oAPysg

Developers of MCPE:
● Johan: http://bit.ly/1bX47pX
● Jens: http://bit.ly/MOw2wA
● Tommaso: http://bit.ly/1hb4iNg

Maps This Week!
● Alien Crash Adventure Map: http://bit.ly/1fcfmuc 
● Island In The Sky: http://bit.ly/O6YI4o
● Astroland Amusement Park: http://bit.ly/1lJhhdl

Mods This Week!
● Craft All Carpets Mod: http://bit.ly/PdyUEZ
● Shaders Mod Minecraft PE: http://bit.ly/NKYksl
● Mutant Creatures Mod: http://bit.ly/1qjJhoy

● Nova By AhrixOfficial

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