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[Map] 0.9.x SkyBlock Biosphere

This is an incredible survival map that is extremely fun to play with your self, or even with your friends! In the image preview I provided below you can see a little part of the map, but you’ll have to download it to see the rest! Enjoy!

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  • Yostme commented on 24/12/2015 Reply

    For the sole sland with coble and mossy cobble, is there supposed to be spawners in it, if so what are they supposed to be, in my world there are no spawners in it

  • Hector commented on 26/10/2015 Reply

    This is the best for me yay guys

  • XXdragonXx2401 commented on 02/08/2015 Reply

    C’est bien

  • Arjay commented on 08/03/2015 Reply

    It’s not survival its creative

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