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[ModPE] Money Mod!

This android block launcher mod created by EagleRex adds a type of money system into your Minecraft Pocket Edition game, and even better, it’s for 0.9.x! The way to earn money is to mine ores and kill mobs. 

Information To Read!

You Start With $50…

This Mod Also Has Some Achievements,Getting An Achievement Gives You $10…

You Get Money By Killing Mobs And Mining Ores…

You Can Buy Items From The Shop (/shop)…

The Shop Has New Items Everyday(Minecraft Day)….

All The Items Have Random Price(Except For Diamond,Diamonds Have A Fixed Price Of $70)

This Mod Also Adds Days Of Week Into Your Game

Sunday Is Diamonds Day,There Are Only Diamonds In The Shop On Sunday Their Price Is $40(On Other Days The Price Of Diamonds Is $70)

To buy items you type /buy *itemnumber*(for example if the item you want to buy is the first item then you type /buy 1,if you want to buy the second item you type /buy 2…same goes for other items)

Your Money Is Saved Automatically When You Exit The Game…

Your Money Is Loaded Automatically When You Open A Map…

Type /balance To Get Your Current Money/Balance….

Type /specialshop To See Items Available In The Special Shop

Type /specialbuy *itemnumber* To Buy Items From The Special Shop|

Type /loan *ammount* To Get Some Loan

Type /payloan or /repayloan To Pay Your Loan

Type /addmoney *money ammount* To Add Money (Cheat, Added For Youtubers)

Type /removemoney *money ammount* To Remove Money (Cheat, Added For Youtubers)

Type /nextday To Change Day (Cheat, Added For Youtubers)

You Can Use Your Money In All Of Your Worlds(Tell Me If I Should Change It So Each World Has Its Own Amount Of Money)

You Can Also Invest To 7 Different Companies

You Lose The Amount Of Money You Invest Temporarily..

At Sunday,If The Company Gains Money,You Earn Double The Money You Invested And If The Company Loses
Money,You Lose Double The Money You Invested

After Gaining Or Losing Money On Sunday,You Have To Invest Again

After Taking the Loan, You Have 7 Days To Pay The Loan.

If You Don’t Pay The Loan In 7 Days, Double The Money Of Your Loan Amount Will Be Removed From Your Account

After Buying An Item From Special Shop, Click On The Ground With It To Activate It’s Special Ability(The Ability Is Saved Even After You Exit The Game)

Currently There Is Only One Item In The Special Shop And 

That Is “Professional Lumber”

You Can Cut The Whole Tree By Cutting One Wood Using “Professional Lumber” Ability

Tax Amount Changes Everyday

Items You Can Sell :

Diamond,Gold Ingot,Flint&Steel

Cake,Iron Door,Iron Ingot

Arrow,Nether Reactor Core



Redstone,Slime Ball

Commands :

/reset (Resets Your Money To $50 And Clears All Your Achievements)

/invest [money]

/shop (Displays The Items Available In The Shop)

/buy *item number* (you can buy an item using this command for example if the item you want to buy is the first item then 
you type /buy 1,if you want to buy the second item you type /buy 2…same goes for other items)

/sell items (Shows The List Of Items You Can Sell)

/sell hand (Sell The Item In Your Hand,do /sell items to get a list of items you can sell)

/sell price (Shows The Price Of Item In Your Hand(If You Can Sell It) )

/balance|/bal|/money (displays your current money/balance)

/save (saves your current money…(autosave is also avaiable in this mod) )

/load (loads your last saved amount of money (autoload is also available in this mod) )…

/companies (to get a list of companies that you can invest money to..)

/loan [money](to get some loan)

/payloan or /repayloan(to pay your loan)

/specialshop(displays the items in the special shop)

/specialbuy [number](buy an item from specialshop)

/nextday(change day)

/addmoney [ammount](add money into your account)

//removemoney [ammount](remove money from your account)
Please make sure to leae feedback for the mod creator on his post of the mod at the Minecraft Forums (I linked it below). Enjoy!

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