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[News] Will Microsoft Still Allow Minecraft YouTubers to Make Money?

If you’ve been following Minecraft news the last few weeks, you’ll know about Microsoft buying Mojang.

Many players and YouTubers have been rather worried about what Microsoft will still allow, and what they may possibly put a stop to. 
Microsoft’s current rules for their other games, such as Kinectimals and Halo, state that  “You may post your Item to a page or website that has advertising, but only if you do not earn any money from that advertising.  For example, if you post your video on Youtube or Vimeo and there happens to be an advertisement next to it, then as long as you don’t get paid for that advertisement, the fact that there is an advertisement on the page doesn’t break these Rules. But enrolling in the Youtube partner program (or other similar programs), where you are entering into an agreement to get paid, is not allowed.

This is a rather large issue if these rules get used with Minecraft as well. Minecraft is possibly the largest video game streamed on YouTube, with popular YouTubers such as SkyDoesMinecraft and Etho using advertising to find their lives, displayed at the start of the quality videos they work full time to produce. With these YouTubers being unable to make revenue from ads, they’d become jobless, and would be unable to produce their videos, along with the community slowly dying. YouTube is the greatest place to promote mods, maps, and the game itself. The lack of Minecraft on YouTube could possibly kill the game…

LUCKILY, Chris at contacted Microsoft’s affiliates with a simple question about whether YouTubers would still be able to make revenue from their hard work-

“Thanks for waiting. If I’m going to look at this at face value, as long as you’re not advertising videos that violates the advertisement policy of YouTube and the content of the video doesn’t support support piracy or other ways to promote illegal distribution of the game, it’s okay, Chris. There are a lot of let’s play, video reviews and walkthroughs of other games out there.”

So basically, YouTube is as safe as it was before, and all your fav YouTubers aren’t jobless! Woohoo!


UPDATE: Phil Spencer, head of Xbox, says pretty much exactly the same thing-
Minecraft YouTubers, you’re a great part of Minecraft’s success and we have no plans to change what you’re doing once we close the deal.”

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