[ModPE] Enchanting & Experience v1.0

Anti is a well known person in the community, who dedicates his free time to making mods for Minecraft Pocket Edition. He’s created mods such as Mo’ Creatures mod, and the PokecubePE mod. Today, he brings you the enchanting mod! This allows players who have installed the mod to enchant tools/weapons, and collect experience points to do so, just like in the PC version. Here, Anti explains the mod further in his original post: 

“It’s me again, with a new Mod
Today, as the title says, the Enchanting & Experience Mod :nssnss: by Drazile12
What it does?
It gives you the ability to get Experience…….. and to Enchant……..
Yeah, so this means:
You enchant –> Lose your item –> And get a better one
That’s what it does
This items get special abilities, like Knockback or Fire Aspect on Swords
Very useful 
Get Experience by killing Mobs or destroing Blocks!
Use the Experience to enchant your items!
Enchant your items and get better items with special abilities!
Fight mobs on a completely new way, just like in the PC!

Currently finished Features:
Enchant all types of Swords!
Level yourself up to level 30!
Sharpness I, II, III, IV
Fire Aspect I, II
Knockback I
Smite I, II, III
Looting I
Bane of Arthropods I, II, III
First of all, this mod needs ALWAYS a internet connection to be played!
Second, load this Texture Pack: http://bit.ly/ExperienceTexture

Third, load this ModScript: http://bit.ly/ExperienceMod
Fourth, report all bugs!
Fifth, have fun!
This are not credits, this is a list of all people Chuck Norris gave a Roundhouse-Kick
Just joking!
The biggest credit goes to all the beta tester & to the Twitter Community!
Desno365 played also a big part to this Mod, check his Twitter: https://twitter.com/desno365
Playspot played also a big part to this Mod, check his Twitter: https://twitter.com/MC_PlaySpot
And check my Twitter if you want :3 : https://twitter.com/AntiModPE”

Also make sure to install the texture that comes along with the mod as well.

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  • Jaime commented on 11/01/2015 Reply

    Can I have this lucky block mod please,please!!!!!

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