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[News] Minecraft PE 0.10.0

Recently, as the whole community knows, the Minecraft Pocket Edition 0.10.0 update was released just a few days ago. Despite the lack of new features included in this update, the new graphics in this update make the game a whole lot neater, and prettier! For those interested in viewing the full change log, I provided the list straight from the Minecraft Wikipedia.  Enjoy!


  • General
    • Day/night cycle in creative.
    • Sounds for running water
    • Adaptation for 64-bit hardware/software, making the game faster for 64-bit users.
    • Support for the resolutions of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus.
  • Blocks/Items
    • Fences and fence gates: Spruce, Birch, Jungle, Acacia, Dark Oak.
  • Terrain:
    • Version exclusive: Mineshafts now spawn at the surface in mesas.
    • Version exclusive: Gold ore can generate at any level in mesa biomes.
    • Version exclusive: Huge mushrooms now spawn in swamps.
  • Mobs
    • Walking animations are generally faster and have been tweaked per-animal
    • Hostile mobs spawn in groups
    • Slimes now have bouncing animations.
  • Graphics:
    • Shaders
    • Rounded, PC colored fog.
    • Lighter and smoother water texture.
    • The Sun is now slightly larger.
    • The clouds and the terrain are now tinted blue during night
    • Version exclusive: Smooth lighting on water.
    • Version exclusive: New swamp water color.
    • Version exclusive: The clouds and the terrain are now tinted red during sunset
    • OpenGL ES 2.0.
    • Tinted lighting from PC.
    • Mipmaps on Android devices using OpenGL ES 3.0.
    • Version exclusive: Added dust particles for falling gravel and sand.
    • Made the chat smaller
    • Optimized chunk rendering.
    • Improved Performance.
    • The time of day is now more accurately synced in multiplayer.
    • Added a selection overlay on Chests and Signs.
    • “Cancel” button will show up if joining a multiplayer world/server takes too long.
    • The outline of chat messages ends where the message ends, and does not cover the whole screen.
  • Graphics
  • Brightness toggle
  • Game freezes when an alert or different UI is opened (iOS)
  • Fixed a crash when rendering monster spawners.
  • Fixed a crash/memory leak happening when showing the system keyboard – signs and chat. (iOS)
  • Fxed a corruption and possible crash when switching apps. (Android)
  • Fixed the “spawning in the air” bug.
  • Fixed a crash when creating lava during world generation.
  • Fixed a white artifact on torches held in hand.
  • Fixed holes appearing in the clouds.
  • Fixed a brown artifact appearing on the bottom of minecarts.
  • Fixed a random crash in multiplayer.
  • Fixed a possible crash when selecting double chests.
  • Fixed water not pushing things.
  • Fixed incorrect damage for punching
  • Fixed black artifact on chickens
  • Fixed incorrect speed for cows

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