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[Tutorial] 0.10.4 iOS Item Duplication Glitch

People love cheating and/or being lazy, so there’s always a method that shouldn’t exist to duplicate any item. This one works in 0.9.x to 0.10.x- here’s how.

  1. Put the items you wish duplicate in a chest. I wouldn’t recommend all your items, as this isn’t 100% reliable.
  2. Quit to the title screen. Pretty simple!
  3. Reopen that world. Open your chest and remove the items.
  4. Double click your home button, and swipe Minecraft PE away.
  5. Open your game again, and check the chest. Put the items back into your inventory, and if all went well, you should have double!

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  • Xymee commented on 19/09/2015 Reply

    Dude so awesome

  • nathan morris commented on 03/04/2015 Reply

    thanks for the tip

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