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[Mod] Sprinting for iOS 0.10.4

Modder ZCodeMT has brought us a new sprinting mod for jailbroken iOS devices. If you don’t know what jailbreaking is, then you probably can’t use this.

Just like the older sprinting mods, ‘Scamper’ lets you run double speed by double tapping the forward arrow. Check it out:

Install it by adding this Cydia repository-

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  • Spoderman321 commented on 08/08/2015 Reply

    How do I use this mode?

  • Omurhan commented on 02/05/2015 Reply

    Hadi ne olur mods

  • Osama commented on 06/04/2015 Reply

    Hey guys

  • David commented on 16/03/2015 Reply

    Download it

  • Nolan peterson commented on 16/03/2015 Reply

    How do u scamper on servers??

    • PocketMines commented on 16/03/2015 Reply

      You can’t, as server owners don’t want people cheating by sprinting.

  • Vlad commented on 06/03/2015 Reply

    Super Sprint Mod

  • Creeper from minecraft commented on 01/02/2015 Reply

    This won’t wook i don’t think
    And but yet I wat the mod

  • Yavor commented on 30/01/2015 Reply

    Когато натисна линка той не може да зареди

  • Bilguuntur commented on 21/01/2015 Reply

    I love Minecraft

  • Ghaffar Reyes commented on 10/01/2015 Reply

    I am going to love this mod

    • PocketMines commented on 19/01/2015 Reply

      Awesome! Have fun 🙂

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