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[Mod] Wavy World Shaders!

If you’re at all familiar with PC shader mods, then you’ll remember how the leaves move in the wind, and the plants wave in the breeze. Pocket Edition never had shader abilities until 0.10.0, and the talented jocopa3‘s made use of this, figuring out how to bring those wavy features to MCPE.

When you’ve got this mod on, you’ll notice leaves, grass, vines, and crops wave in the wind. Not only that, but stationary water waves too, along with lilypads sitting on top of it.

Wavy blocks


Get it- /r/MCPE


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  • antony dos santos macedo commented on 17/01/2019 Reply

    mods de arma no manicraft pe

  • Mark commented on 28/06/2016 Reply


  • Jonatan commented on 21/11/2015 Reply


  • Larry15389 commented on 19/10/2015 Reply

    How too download

  • Adampeets commented on 19/09/2015 Reply

    Hey I get to do this but I like this mape

  • Nathan commented on 13/09/2015 Reply

    Yolo polo

  • Jedudu commented on 25/08/2015 Reply

    I Want to have

  • Kaylee commented on 31/07/2015 Reply


  • Harrison commented on 21/07/2015 Reply

    How do i use the .zip texture pack. I have ifile.

  • Harrison commented on 20/07/2015 Reply

    PLEASE! No matter what I do on Cydia. It says could not find repo. Could you help! Thanks. I entered your source exactly as it is posted.

    • PocketMines commented on 20/07/2015 Reply

      We deleted the repo recently. Use the download link instead now 🙂

  • PATRICIA4girl commented on 20/06/2015 Reply

    is this free? i wanna make sure it is to be able to download it in my mcpe game! and one other question… does it needs a block launcher? i hope not…

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