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[News] 0.11.0 Boat Work

With all the work on boats, it’s clear that we’ll be getting them in the next update.


The image above is from a older tweet, showing working (minecart looking) boats and paddles.

Earlier MCPE developer Tommaso Checci tweeted about his new development on boats.

In PC, boats are like cardboard boxes- if they merely scrape a block they break. And when you jump out, they speed off into the distance, often crashing into blocks and breaking. Tommaso’s made it so that the boat stays in the same place, and the player jumps out a few blocks away. The devs said in the Q&A they would make boats more expensive, bit also much stronger and smarter

Looks like 0.11.0 will be awesome for ocean travel!

Update: Tommaso tweeted this picture of boats, and the paddling buttons. Paddling is the new boat steering, and should be a lot more accurate than PC.


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