[Map] CTM: Quest For Wool

This CTM map is a player vs. player battle type map. It consists of many different genres of many mini-games, such as parkour, adventure, trivia, and more. The ‘developer’ of this map goes by the name of Golddigga. He states in the original forum post, that this map is suitable for 1-3 players, and the texture pack that comes along with the map download is highly recommended to use. Another awesome feature with-in the map, is that Golddigga, was awesome enough to add fun little reds tone alternatives along the way. Make sure to download that map, and support Golddigga by dropping a like and a favorite on the original thread.





Get it- Quest for the Wool


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  • Maryam shehab commented on 25/04/2015 Reply

    I wanna create my own server and I loved all of these pictures

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