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[News] OVER: MCPE Q&A Livestream- Read the notes!


  • Johan is from Sweden, and Tommaso is from Italy. #BreakingNews
  • Boats haven’t been added yet, but Tommaso’s been trying to make them work a lot better than PC, with paddles and a more expensive recipe, as the boats will be stronger.
  • Controller support won’t be in 0.11.0, but it’s likely. No keyboard support planned at all.
  • Sneak and sprint will be added. Nobody knows when, but it’ll be added with new controls.
  • No plans for the debug screen, as it’s too cheaty. They want to add maps for showing your position. Maps, item frames, pots, etc will be added at some unknown point
  • Nothing prevents new dimensions at the moment
  • There is no current plan to make world exporting possible
  • They’ll be 3 new PE developers this year. One will start in March, one in February
  • Mojang will try not to drop any devices they don’t have to.
  • There will be no space biome.
  • There will be no modding api, especially as MCPE runs on closed source systems. Helping modding is not a priority
  • Redstone will be implemented, before the game becomes beta. No definite timeframe.
  • PE Realms will be back ASAP- they’ll be a new developer focussing on multiplayer!
  • Tweet Jeb your questions about AI 😉
  • Plans exist for the ‘simple’ buttons
  • Crossbows are too dangerous, and just another bow so will not be added
  • Johan hangs his tshirts, he doesn’t fold them. When he does, he masters it. Tommaso doesn’t believe in folding his tshirts.
  • Johan has 10 watt lightbulbs. Tommaso is a vampire.
  • Johan doesn’t drink anything hot. Tommaso drinks teas twice a week.
  • Johan only drinks water. Tommaso drinks “cola”.
  • Johan is wearing black socks. Tommaso is wearing red socks. Owen is wearing minecraft socks.
  • Johan likes sushi. Tommaso likes pizza.
  • Realms will have an account system. It is unknown what will happen with external servers
  • If Android TV is good, it may get support
  • There will probably be survival inventories in creative.
  • More particle effects will be added. All particle effects have been fixed, anyway
  • They’ve never thought about using a phone for a PC controller.
  • Skins will be added in 0.11.0! You’ll be able to choose between Steve and Alex or you’ll be able to specify a skin file or there will also be skin packs! Yay!
  • Emeralds will work when the villager AI works
  • The redstone mod is not easily implementable. They need time to do it, and fitting his mod in won’t save time
  • Johan likes ocelots. They haven’t been added because they want to add fishing with them.
  • They’re having a surprise party tonight 😉
  • The End can’t be added till the end. Not in Alpha or Beta
  • Microsoft changed nothing.
  • The chat will support colour codes.
  • The developers have no idea on how to make drag and drop work on mobile phones. They tested it, but it doesn’t work well.
  • The world height probably won’t be doubled for a while, as it would slow it down a lot
  • Its easy to add music, but the files are large (if I caught that correctly)
  • The wither will be added with the nether. Spam Jeb.
  • Beetroots are fun!
  • PE was created because of junky clones on the App Store.
  • Enchanting will become before horses.
  • Tommaso thinks maps are too expensive in PC. When maps are added, they’ll be more useful
  • The ruby  in the texture means nothing.
  • Johan’s swag level doesn’t exceed 9000. Neither does Tommo.
  • Ideas from mods may be incorporated, but the using the same code wouldn’t happen
  • Nether brick fences and slabs will be added sometime soon
  • They want to add the entire gui system at some point which will fix split controls.
  • More hotbar slots come with time.
  • Name changes will match PC if possible, otherwise there are issues.
  • There’s little chance of portrait mode, because it can be awkward on large tablets. However, it’s possible.
  • They don’t know about MCPE for Nintendo 3DS
  • Beetroot gardening will be fixed at some point.
  • Cucumbers won’t be added to Minecraft
  • The new PC sounds will be added at some point to replace the current sounds
  • 0.11.0 will hopefully come out by the end of March/April.
  • Johan is 28, Tommo is 25, and Owen is 31
  • When they add weather, they want to make it functional rather than just aesthetic.

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