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[News] PocketMine Developer Shoghi Cervantes Joins Mojang

The developer and founder of the unofficial MCPE server software PocketMine has been announced as one of the 3 new developers this year.

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It was announced during the livestream there would be a new developer working solely on multiplayer, which we can safely say it Shoghi, who’s been working on PocketMine multiplayer for many years. PocketMine powers all external servers such as Lifeboat Survival Games, Mineblast, and 1000s of other servers.

Looks like PocketMine may become officially supported and realms will be back faster- we may  even get an official MCPE server program! I’m sure we’ll get much better multiplayer this year with a full time multiplayer developer, which will be game changing.

Definitely follow @shoghicp on Twitter and send him some congratulations and love <3



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