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[Mod] Skins In MC:PE – iOS and Android

With multiplayer being immensely popular, Blocklauncher developer Zhuowei and iOS mod maker ZCodeMT both put together ways to use skins on both platforms,

The iOS version does require jailbreak however, but the Android version is built in to Blocklauncher.


To install on jailbroken iOS, add the below source to Cydia:

To get skins on Android, install Blocklauncher.

To upload a skin, open You can sign in with your LBSG or EpicMC accounts then upload your skin using the handy form. It’s really easy!

Here’s a video on the iOS version by DaphneElaine.

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  • ruben commented on 28/11/2015 Reply

    por favor de jarme

  • Juqnandres commented on 29/09/2015 Reply

    Megustaria una capa

  • Troy commented on 23/08/2015 Reply

    give me a cape

  • kha commented on 22/08/2015 Reply


    • Barbie commented on 03/02/2017 Reply

      Anyone know if Sony is working on a fix? I too tried the fix and it di7d;#821n&t work. I’ve got an original fat PS3. It’s old but has always worked with no problems before.

  • Michael commented on 03/08/2015 Reply

    I want get cape

  • Gozel commented on 15/05/2015 Reply

    Hola amigo

    • Michael commented on 03/08/2015 Reply

      Please I want a cape

  • titlucsi commented on 01/05/2015 Reply


  • Chuck Norris commented on 16/03/2015 Reply

    I don’t want to have to jailbreak. Can you just make an app or something for ios devices so it can be downloaded without Cydiy

  • Darrien Perry commented on 09/03/2015 Reply

    I can’t use the mod because it crashes on startup and I tried to reinstall it but nothing works I have a IPad Mini jailbroken 8.1.2 and MCPE version 0.10.4

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