[Map] The Haunted – A Horror Adventure Map

“The Haunted” is an old, but a map definitely worth checking out! It was created by Paratroop919, with the help of JBaller118 & DoodleDog77.



A Horror/Adventure Map With Crazy Builds,A Spooky Storyline, And Exciting Adventures!




You Wake Up In a Strange Room. Claustrophobia Starts To Set In.You Hear A Weird Sound So You Travel Down The Hall. All You Want To Do Is Escape As Fast As Possible.



1. Read All Signs

2. Do Not Place Or Break Blocks Unless Told To

3. Play On Peaceful

4. Have Fun!”

– Original Forum Thread

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  • muhammad owen commented on 05/12/2015 Reply

    i like it

  • EnchantedBozz commented on 09/01/2015 Reply

    This is a awesome map! Plzz subscribe to my channel too because your map is totally AWESOME

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