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[Mod] Armor Stands

The Armor Stands Mod is a mod script developed by AntiModPE, a very well known mod developer in the community.


There are a couple bugs with this mod, but are known and will be fixed in the next version.

After leaving a world, the armor stand(s) in it will turn into villagers.
Armor stands and the armor on them rotate unintentionally.

If you want to try out this mod, be sure to visit the link below to the original forum page! Or, if you haven’t learned enough, check out the video above that shows off this mod, by Nexy!

Get it- Armor Stands Mod


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  • Cruz commented on 23/01/2016 Reply

    Hi it is Cruz oele

  • Ismael commented on 17/01/2016 Reply

    How To Join The Game

  • Ismael commented on 17/01/2016 Reply

    FUCK THE MOD !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Elissa Barron commented on 20/10/2015 Reply

    It’s a lame mod but whatever :/ ?

  • Cameron commented on 03/04/2015 Reply


  • Tan jun Yong commented on 27/02/2015 Reply

    Plz give the amor stand mod

  • Ricardo commented on 26/02/2015 Reply

    Wnat to download this mod but it does not let me

    • Cozy Dude commented on 26/02/2015 Reply

      Click the “Check it out- Armor Stands Mod” button. 🙂

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