[Map] Asian Temple

BjankyMiner, has created a beautiful map for us recently! The builds are put into certain spots, and certain sizes to form a village-like surrounding, instead of just randomly placed buildings. While looking around this map, you’ll also be able to notice a huge ship in the ocean! There even might be some treasure inside of it! None the less, head on over to the original forum thread of this map, and be sure to leave a like and a favorite for support, as well as of course, download the map!





After downloading and installing this map into the MCPE app, there is a possibility of it being a corrupted world. Sorry for the inconvenience. 

Get it- Asian Temple Map


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  • quanzhe commented on 11/06/2015 Reply

    thanks a lot . Really wanted this. Is there a way for the texts to remain a fixed colour so that I don’t have to input the symbol all the time??

  • J9nKidz commented on 15/02/2015 Reply

    Hey, have you actually tried to download this map? I tried through another site just the other day and on my IPAD it’s corrupt and will not open..good luck

    • Cozy Dude commented on 17/02/2015 Reply

      Thanks again on telling us about the map(s)! We really do appreciate the help!

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