[Mod] iOS Commands – No Jailbreak

Usually to use commands on iOS, you need mods and a jailbroken device. Somehow, Innovative Devs has figured out how to provide commands for an unjailbroken device!

You can use commands like “.he” to heal youself, “.g” to give an item, “.c” to show your coordinates, and plenty more.

It costs a couple of dollars, but it’s totally worth it!

Get it- App Store


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  • Amarion commented on 29/10/2016 Reply

    Shod is so cool I would love this one

    • Thegamer commented on 04/11/2016 Reply

      What is so cool sexier

      • Walter Sayler commented on 12/12/2016 Reply

        Well now you can buy Minecraft add on app just 4.00$.N than go in behavior packs And resource packs

  • Walter commented on 17/10/2016 Reply

    Well how do you install mods I heard that there’s in update 10-18-2016 that you can purchase the mods

  • Walter commented on 17/10/2016 Reply

    Hi I play Minecraft on xbox360 IPad air 2 and there is no mods so can you make them and when I do /can I be a staff how do you become a staff plz response as possible

  • Tara commented on 27/06/2016 Reply

    Place give me command blocks

  • Rashed commented on 18/06/2016 Reply

    The only thing

  • azoz commented on 27/05/2016 Reply

    I want to play minecraft

  • Ev commented on 16/04/2016 Reply


  • Matei commented on 14/03/2016 Reply

    This mod probobly îs asum

  • Andrescool commented on 04/03/2016 Reply

    Its cool

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