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[Map] Mario Party – Puzzle/Parkour

Brought to you by NeoLeGeek, I present to you a Mario Party Puzzle and Parkour map for Minecraft Pocket Edition! This includes many different levels of parkour and puzzle for you and your friends to compete on, or just play for fun together! It’s based off of the one and only Mario Party multiplayer Nintendo game, and is super fun! Especially in Minecraft! The pictures provided should do a good enough explanation of this map, and hopefully even good enough to convince you to download this map! Enjoy!





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  • Luki 88 commented on 27/02/2016 Reply

    Mari Party Adventure

  • khai commented on 27/11/2015 Reply


  • Abbas commented on 28/09/2015 Reply

    Hello my name is abbas I like to play minecraft pe but I’m making a Map two but I Did’t finish so I like to see yours in minecarft

  • Abbas commented on 28/09/2015 Reply

    Mario is a fun game to play for all ages it very fun to make your own in minecraft pe

  • Addi commented on 23/09/2015 Reply

    I hope I’ll have fun

  • isdi commented on 13/09/2015 Reply


  • Manuel commented on 02/09/2015 Reply


  • hhhh commented on 02/09/2015 Reply


  • Emily commented on 21/08/2015 Reply

    HOW DO YOU GET 1.12.0

  • Zuzanna commented on 20/08/2015 Reply

    Hi I will like it

  • molyvann commented on 16/08/2015 Reply

    I want this map

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