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[Texture] Pixel Perfection!

Tired of vanilla Minecraft textures? Ported by Layon19, Pixel Perfection mixes rustic and cartoon textures into one epic pack. This texture includes custom mobs, paintings, gui, and more! Though it is an ideal choice for adventure maps, Pixel Perfection also goes well with modded and vanilla survival worlds.



iOS & Android Information:

For iOS devices, iFile (jailbroken) or iExplorer (non-jailbroken) programs are needed to extract and apply texture files. As for Android users, Block Launcher can be used.


This may not texture the stone cutter for the reason that it is a MCPE exclusive block. Everything else should be fully textured. This is a port, therefore Layon19 could not add-on hand made textures to the pack for copyright reasons.







Get it- Pixel Perfection


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