PocketPower – Redstone Mod RELEASED!

Mod developer Byteandahalf has finally worked out all the bugs in his long awaited redstone mod, named PocketPower. It’s available for Android users, and soon will be available for iOS too. All basic redstone features have been added to this sick mod, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

Finally we can create those awesome piston doors, automatic lights, TNT traps, and everything in between 😀

simple-tnt-pressure-plate-trap-actually-works.w654You can make a bunch of cool contraptions, like this cheeky TNT trap! You can learn a bunch about redstone and how to use it over here 😉

Also watch the awesome video above by AceCraftGaming to check out how to make a TNT cannon!

What are you going to make with PocketPower? Tell us in the comments below!

Make sure you disable all your ModPE scripts, especially Too Many Items, because they totally won’t work with the redstone mod. There are are few bugs at the moment, so not everything’s enabled, but they’ll surely be fixed soon-ish.

To install this mod, download it from the link below, and add it to Blocklauncher as an Addon mod, not a ModPE script.

Have fun!

Get it- PocketPower


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  • XxAwesomeGamerxX commented on 03/01/2016 Reply

    I need to make traps for my freind beacuase he always make me abset

  • Sergeo commented on 31/12/2015 Reply

    Sticky pistons command blocks and repeaters

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