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[Map] Quantum

You are a time traveler. Well, an amateur. You’ve made a few successful runs, created no paradoxes, and feel as though you can call yourself an explorer.

One day, all goes wrong. You awake to discover, by way of your not-so-helpful “assistant” Jeeves. Well, he’s good for a laugh anyways.

Fortunately, the machine still works, and can detect where in time the missing pieces are. Travel back as far as the Middle Ages, and as recent as WWII, in 1944.

Quantum is an amazing new map by CreatrixPE, DaphneELaine, and MellyGlitter. Ride the many rollercoasters through breathtaking scenes and past amazing architecture, through events like WW2 and eras like the Middle Ages.

Play chapters 1 & 4 on peaceful difficulty, and 2 & 3 on normal for the best experience.

Discover amazing architecture, and blow some stuff up along the way. Parachute from a plane, and slay an epic, vicious beast.

Quantum is absolutely beautiful. You must try this one out for sure!

Get it- Quantum


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  • CreatrixPE commented on 03/02/2015 Reply

    Thanx for posting for me 🙂

    Play Chapters 1 and 4 on PEACEFUL
    2 and 3 NORMAL

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