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[Map] The Maze Runner

Today we’re showing off the new maze runner map by KoolGhettoKid, based off of the original movie. It features timed hardcore survival. There are also challenges to complete in this map, along with rules restricting you from completing this map too easily. Though luckily, KoolGhettoKid provided us with some helpful tips.

*Below is the original rules and tips from this map’s forum post*


1) No breaking the walls.
2) Play on peaceful mode until the walls fall down.
3) Render distance must be set at least at the halfway bar.
4) Co-op is recommended but NOT necessary.

1) There are three hidden chests (Not in the actual maze, but in the survival part of the map).
2) When you start seeing Enderman, you are getting close to the End.
3) Destroy the monster spawners to be safer when traveling throughout the maze.
4) You will need to eventually craft a key from your collected mob droppings.

Though KoolGhettoKid built this map himself, he had some help from SilverSheildCrafter34 with beta testing everything.





Want to learn more about this map? Click the fancy link below and we’ll direct you to the hub, so you can download the map, and also support KoolGhettoKid by leaving a like and a favorite on it!

Get it- The Maze Runner


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  • ArtFlash13 commented on 10/10/2015 Reply

    Need IP address thx?

  • tj commented on 25/09/2015 Reply


  • Chase commented on 16/07/2015 Reply

    I will enjoy playing on this map thank you the person that made it

    • Chase commented on 16/07/2015 Reply

      How do you get on

  • Isaac commented on 04/04/2015 Reply

    What is the server ip adress

  • Andreev commented on 21/03/2015 Reply

    I want to play this map because
    Probably this is a survival map WOW!

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