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Recently, the MCPE Stuffs team interviewed William Teder, who is the founder and developer of the Minecraft Pocket Edition Lifeboat Server Network. For years now, William has been developing minigame servers for MC:PE, such as, Lifeboat Survival Games, Lifeboat Factions, Lifeboat Skywars, and Lifeboat Capture The Flag. He’s much known for his survival games servers, as they have been the most popular throughout the years he’s been developing it.

Enough talking… Now, let’s hop into the interview with William!


Q: Is there any new additions you plan on adding to LBSG soon?
A: Localization (translating into a player’s native language) as well as language-based chat channels is one of our highest priorities right now – people play LBSG from all around the world, but not all speak English and the language clash can get frustrating for all players at times. By serving players in their native language, we hope to make LBSG accessible to players in other countries as well.
Q: How did you come up with the name “Lifeboat Network”
A: Wasn’t really basing it off anything, just sorta came up with it and it stuck. Originally came up with the name for Ethan and my PC server, kept the branding for when we launched the PE server.
Q: Are you a full time developer currently, or plan on becoming on in the future?
 A: I am as full time as I can be while still being in school. Most of my time outside of school at this point is spent towards developing and supporting Lifeboat.
Q: Will you ever bring back Lifeboat Capture The Flag?
A: Probably not – in multiple gametype surveys (we’ve run a few), Lifeboat CTF had some of the lowest interest compared to other gametypes.
Q: Will you ever make a Lifeboat server for the minigame spleef?
A: Yup, SerperiorCraft and CreatrixPE are working on the map as we speak. Might even be out later this week.
Q: What’s your thoughts on hiring admins on your Lifeboat servers to keep control of things in-game?
A: I distrust giving a whole bunch of people who I barely know and have no control over high-level access to the servers. It’s way too easy for LBSG to become a hostile environment once people start using their powers for their own gains, and I don’t want that to happen.
Q: What inspired you, or gave you the inspiration to start coding things such as your Lifeboat servers?
A: I wanted to be able to play mini-games on my phone as well as my computer, and since no-one else had done it, figured I might as well learn how.
Q: Do you have plans for any new survival games maps?
A: We have a few lined up, but there are issues with blocks not porting over right and causing crashes. Still working on fixing all of those before we put them in to play on.
Q: How many Lifeboat Survival Games servers is there currently?
A: 252.
Q: Do you have a team to help you with Lifeboat servers, if so, who?
A: Yup, as follows:
  • colavitam: iOS App Developer
  • TomDevs: Android App Developer
  • connor4898 & MCMrARM: Skywars dev
  • tntloverlol: Sysadmin
  • SerperiorCraft & CreatrixPE: Maps
  • rteder: Buisness dev
  • Sean_M: Support & Community Relations
Q: For how many years now have you been developing servers?
A: Roughly 2 & 1/2 years.
On behalf of the MCPE Stuffs team, we’d like to thank William for putting in the time to answer our questions. Below are some links to his social media accounts, and other websites he owns.

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  • Cameron or celldust commented on 07/12/2015 Reply

    Pls help for some reason I was logged into someone’s lifeboat+ account on the app and bought Uber vip and I don’t know how to get it back

  • thekoolkid101 commented on 22/07/2015 Reply

    hey William may I please have authurization to have the powers on your hunger game servers to troll people? Plz!!!!? you probs won’t let me but let me just tell you this: I AM NOT A GRIEFER! I hate griefing out of all trolling!

  • PEgamer commented on 26/02/2015 Reply

    Wow did u do the interview, was it by via e-mail or what ?

    • Cozy Dude commented on 26/02/2015 Reply

      I sent William questions over Twitter, and he sent back the answers 🙂

  • PocketMines commented on 25/02/2015 Reply

    I like this. GG

    • Cozy Dude commented on 25/02/2015 Reply

      Am going to try doing more, hopefully.

  • Emmanuel commented on 25/02/2015 Reply

    Amazing interview guys

    • Cozy Dude commented on 25/02/2015 Reply

      Thank you a bunch, Emmanuel!

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