Ask the PE Devs Anything! #TeamPocket

Earlier a thread was posted on /r/MCPE by Mojang employee MissMarzenia.

Would you like to ask our Pocket Edition Devs a question? Please feel free to do so. You can upvote questions other people asked if you find them interesting.
You can ask all of them or a specific Developer.
Please do not ask about game updates. We post updates on Twitter, so if you are interested you should follow:

Lets get to know the new Developers who joined recently and work very hard on the new 0.11 update. Who are they? Where are they from? What is their favourite jelly bean flavour?!
If you do not have a Reddit account, you can ask on Twitter with #askPEdev
I will pick the most popular and interesting questions, add them to my list and talk to our lovely PE team. We will post the replies on /r/MCPE

Ask your questions on the Reddit thread or on Twitter using the hashtag #askPEdev- have fun!

Check out the Reddit thread here!

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