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[Tutorial] Fruit Bushes

Here, I’m showing off a few ways I learned to make more use out of ores and leaves, to make more decorative builds in Pocket Edition. That’s bushes! There is a few different types of bushes I specifically chose. Though you can easily use more types of ores to create more bushes, it wouldn’t look very realistic. You’ll hopefully figure out what I mean! To create a bush- simply place an ore block under leaves, and there you have it, bushes! Let me show you a few examples.

Blueberry Bush :: Created with lapiz lasuli ore & leaves (any type).

Blueberry Bushes


Raspberry Bushes :: Created with redstone ore & leaves (any type).

Rasberry Bushes


Blackberry Bushes :: Created with coal ore & leaves (any type)

Blackberry Bushes


As you can see, any block can be used to create “bushes” in this game. Though the ores I showed off seem the most realistic, due to the fact they can represent real life fruits.


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