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Hello world! I’m FloppyDash, and I just started my career here at MCPE Stuffs! For the plenty who either don’t know me or cannot quite put their finger on my name, I’m a builder and redstoner in the MCPE Twitter community. I’ve released a few informal maps, as well as built a map for the EPICMC server network’s Lucky Blocks gamemode. I love to write and inform people about new things that happen in different places everyday. With MCPE Stuffs, I intend to keep everyone up to date with everything from YouTube to the makings of maps. For those new to my name, follow me on Twitter, @floppydash. Thank you all for your time taken. Welcome to my perspective! 🙂

Get it- @floppydash


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  • iAmBawwwws commented on 20/03/2015 Reply

    Welcome to the team, bud! 😀

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