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NexyPL – Interview

Not to long ago the MCPE Stuffs team interviewed NexyPL, a super well known YouTuber in the pocket edition community. His channel is built around MCPE, and he is nearing 150,000 subscribers. Let’s not waste any more time, and hop straight into the interview! 


The Interview


Q: What other servers do you enjoy playing on besides Lifeboat, and why?

A: I can’t pick just one. I like to play on a lot. Sure, Lifeboat is probably one of the best server networks on Pocket Edition in terms of quality, and the most popular at the moment, but I just like variety and competition. The more servers, the more fun. The more servers, the more other servers try harder to be the best.


Q: Will you ever bring back your MCPE Modded Survival series on your channel?

A: I would love to, since the first very short one (6 episodes) recieved amazing support. But the problem with it is on a mobile device you can’t have too many mods installed at a time. As well as the fact some mods can’t work with others, such as Byte’s redstone mod. Maybe in the future once everything is more stable.


Q: What are your thoughts on opening up your channel to other mobile games? (EX: Modern Combat, Asphalt Racing, etc.)

A: I’ve wanted to this for a while now, but the toughie with that one for the majority of MCPE youtubers is that, since it’s such a tight nit niche community, people only want to see MCPE. Perhaps on a second channel where people only subbed for the interest of those games. For now I’m fine with just uploading the content people subbed for.


Q: Who were your inspirations to begin a YouTube channel? How did they inspire/motivate you? 

A: By far my biggest inspirations for making a YT channel were iC0NB0y and DAZRAN303. They were to me, very popular youtubers, for Call of Duty wii back in the day. 10-20k subs each. They used these things called capture cards, and that’s where I got the idea “Hey, I could use these things to record my iPad” Originally it was to show off me playing Call of Duty Zombies back on my ipod 2nd gen but now it has become so much more. One of the youtubers in particular, iC0NB0Y, was the first person ever to message me on YT with advice on how to edit/record. Without him I wouldn’t be here today.


Q: Would you rather have redstone, or sprinting & hunger in MCPE first?

A: Sprint and hunger for sure haha! I mean, we’ve got an amazing redstone mod that would be just as good to the average user as the real deal once the devs make it, so if the devs finally added sprint and hunger, I think it would be great for the server/ and survival lets play community.


Q: What keeps you from leaving the community after such a long period of time?

A: That in it itself. I’ve been in this community since the game released on iOS, back in Novemeber 2011. I’ve been here for so long I can’t even imagine leaving. It’s one of those things where you’re too attatched. I’ve seen this community go from my friend Juklg8 with 200 subs uploading the first “viral” videos 3 and a half years ago on MCPE, to JoePassGaming, Shnungames, eventually my friend Jack, and now all these other youtubers. As nerdy as it might sound, it’s a huge part of my life. Over 3 years of it.


Q: Out of all of the series your channel has consisted of, which has been your favourite? Why?

A: My first ever lets play. Before that I had only played MCPE with friends occasionally, and on the free servers back in 2010/2011. So I was discovering a whole new game with my old subs teaching me. Back then I only had about 2,000 subs when I started it.


Q: Who are your best friends in the community, and what gives them that status? 

A: AceCraftPE, xDarkAbsol, JackFrostMiner, and ImNikkoTV. These guys are just my straight up besties. I’ve known Ace for over 3 years now, xDarkAbsol for 4, Jack for over 2, and ImNikko for over 2 years. Ace and xDark came from way back in the Modern Combat2-3 days. I also met Jack through playing Modern Combat 4, and when he had like 15k subs we skyped for the first time. He was VERY shy. ImNikko was a mod on MCPEuniverse and Ajay introduced me to him. Hilarious dude. Love him.


Q: Other than yourself, who do you like to watch most on YouTube? 

A: JacksFilms. That sarcastic bag of fun literally makes me laugh every video. In our own MCPE community though, I’d say Ajay is the only person I actually watch a whole video through of.


Q: What is your favourite type of map to record?

A: Good adventure maps. It’s all about good adventure maps man. If someone can actually bring you into the universe they created, it can be just as good as playing another game. Sadly though, few adventure maps have done that to me. The most memorable one being Knights Quest by Atheo I belive it was.


Q: Name someone you have never collaborated with for a video, but would like to eventually?

A: SerperiorCraft and Naomi. Those jolly good bags of fun need to stop being shy and collab RIGHT NOW.


Q: What keeps you motivated to record and post videos?

A: Supportive comments. Lately I’ve been getting crazy support in terms of likes, which I’m super thankful for, but that’s not what really keeps a youtuber happy. What keeps them happy is supportive comments from awesome subscribers. That’s the juicy stuff 😛


Q: When and how did you discover MCPE?

A: The day it came out. I played on in computer class at school, but I didn’t actually have a computer at home. So when I heard it was coming to my freaking iPod I had to get it!


Q: What new feature are you most excited for in the upcoming update for pocket edition (0.11.0)?

A: Boats and fishing. It doesn’t sound like much but it does add another dimension to travel and food in MCPE. It’ll be a lot of fun, but I’m hoping 0.12 will be a big one!


Q: Do you think the MCPE community will still exist in a few years? MCPC community?

A: It’ll exist for sure, but I think it will be enitirely different. I think a lot of youtubers will blow up in size, and some transfer over to MCPC. But we’ll get new youtubers. It’ll be interesting to see. Not sure myself but as long as the developers are adding something to the game consistently it’ll be hard to kill off the community. And lets remember Microsoft just bought the game for 2.5 BILLION. They need to make the money back somehow, they’re definately not gonna let the game die just yet.



A huge thank you to Nexy for taking the time to answer the questions I asked him. It’s greatly appreciated from myself, and the rest of the team! Don’t forget to subscribe to Nexy on YouTube, as well as follow him on Twitter in the provided links below. 


Check out Nexy’s channel!

Follow Nexy on Twitter! 

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    You good

  • Jack commented on 07/04/2015 Reply

    Nexy what is you best played lifeboat server and could i have that ip from the server

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