[Mod] Pokecube PE v4 0.10.5!

If you’ve ever wanted to battle Pokemon in Minecraft PE, then you’ll surely love this mod. Hexdro and AntiModPE have released Pokecube PE for 0.10.5, and it’s amazing! There’s over 90 Pokemon to play with, and they all spawn randomly in the world.

You can use Rare Candies to level up your Pokemon, and make potions to heal your Pokemon in battle. There’s a bunch of awesome custom models for every single Pomeon, so it’s really amazing. You’ve got to check this huge mod out!

Get it- Pokecube PE!


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  • Gabriel commented on 05/03/2019 Reply

    Eu Gabriel quero muito esse bode para mim poder cantar Pokémon por aí eu tentei caçar esse mod por tudo os aplicativo e não consegui mas agora finalmente eu dei uma chance de poder catar Pokémon

  • Laerte commented on 13/04/2018 Reply

    Porque não pega mod

  • Sheep u commented on 02/10/2016 Reply

    How u get

  • Katy7896 commented on 22/05/2016 Reply

    It did not work

  • Katy7896 commented on 22/05/2016 Reply

    But how can you explain to get it

  • Lipancio commented on 07/03/2016 Reply


  • Pokemon commented on 14/07/2015 Reply

    this is cool the Pokemon look so cool

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