[Map] Portal!

Inspired by the original Portal game, created by wolfman4343 is a Minecraft: Pocket Edition Portal adventure map. Played on peaceful mode, this map can be easily played by younger Minecrafters!



“Mabye you’re not as dumb as I thought.” Oh, the irony!



Lookie! A portal in *gasp* a Portal map?!


This Map Includes:

  • 13 different test chambers inspired form Portal
  • 15 feathers hidden within the chambers waiting to be found
  • A story-line similar to the original Portal game

Stages Include:

  • Parkours
  • Bow shooting
  • Finding secret exits
  • A boss fight
  • Anti-gravity stages
  • (and of course) Portals


Wolfman4343- http://mcpeuniverse.com/members/wolfman4343/


Get it- PortalPE


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  • Joe commented on 29/05/2016 Reply

    Have fun
    And play

  • Joe commented on 29/05/2016 Reply

    Have fun

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