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SerperiorCraft – Interview

Recently, the MCPE Stuffs team interviewed SerperiorCraft, a well known YouTuber, map maker, and also a member of the Lifeboat Server Network team. You check out SerperiorCraft on his social media accounts (i.e. Twitter, YouTube, etc.) at the end of the interview. So let’s get to it!

Q: Do you have a specific build style? If so, how would you describe it?

A: I don’t think so. I tend to builder lighter, more bright stuff, as opposed to dark and grungy things, if that counts as a build style.


Q: What is your favorite Lifeboat Survival Games map, and why?

A: I love Breeze Island 2. It’s a brand new map for Lifeboat, and it’s absolutely beautiful. It may or may not actually be on LBSG when this is being read, as it’s set to launch March 6th, 2015 or so.


Q: How did you get into playing Minecraft Pocket Edition?

A: My friend actually showed me it, and we played all the time. Eventually he grew out of it, but I never did.


Q: What inspired you to begin making maps for Minecraft Pocket Edition?

A: I had seen so many amazing maps made for the PC version of Minecraft, especially by Hypixel and Vareide. However, almost none were for Pocket Edition. I wanted to play maps with my friend, so I made one myself, and eventually figured out there was an entire community for maps on the Minecraft Forums (this was before MCPEUniverse and MCPEHub).


Q: What do you find the most difficult to build?

A: Castles. I hate building castles. I have to get lucky to get them right. Also trees. Building organic things by hand isn’t my thing.


Q: What makes you so passionate about building?

A: Getting feedback from finally releasing a map is the best feeling. I love when others are excited the maps I make.


Q: What is your role/job on the Lifeboat team?

A: Currently, I manage all of the builds and map-related stuff along with CreatrixPE. I also try to help as much as I can with anything else that doesn’t involve programming, such as collecting coordinates for a plugin.


Q: When did you begin working with William on the Lifeboat Server Network, and how did it happen?

A: I had actually played on Lifeboat when it was brand new and only had one map. From what I recall, my first interaction with William was on the Minecraft Forums back when he wasn’t as popular as he is now. He talked with me about getting Super Craft Brothers into a Lifeboat server. It never ended up happening, but it allowed me to keep in touch with him.


Q: Is there any secret projects coming up for Lifeboat? If so, when?

A: Well, William just announced it a few days ago, so it’s not too secret, but we’re planning on a Lifeboat Walls tournament with teams of five, and anyone will be able to sign up on the Lifeboat website. Creatrix and I will be building the map. As for truly secret Lifeboat projects, I can tell you we have plenty of stuff planned for this Summer. 😉


Q: Do you have any building advice and/or tips, to help others become better?

A: Experiment. A lot. No one ever “taught” me how to build, I just messed around and eventually people noticed and liked it. I couldn’t build to save my life when I first started making maps.


Q: About when did you begin making YouTube videos? If you can remember, what was your first video?

A: I actually made YouTube videos before finding out about Minecraft. I did Pokemon let’s plays with a camcorder. My first video was probably a Pokemon Heartgold/Soulsilver walkthrough video.


Q: What video of yours has been the most fun to make?

A: I love making the Year in Reviews of the MCPE community. It’s fun to look back at everything while editing the videos.


Q: What was the first map you’ve ever created?

A: The first map I ever created was a dinky Hunger Games map that I played with my friend and brothers. However, the first map I ever released was a “Collect the Wool” map where you had to find the wool hidden in random rooms. I remember using build tips from JackFrostMiner (this was when he had 2,000 subscribers or so, he doesn’t showcase his own builds anymore) like a mob spawner video he had done, to make the map.

A huge thanks to Serperior from the MCPE Stuffs team for allowing us to interview him. It was super fun! Remember to check out his links below, and when you do, of course subscribe and follow!



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