[Texture] 64x Sphax PocketBDCraft + Shaders!

Created by Cole Perrine is the SphaxPack, a comic book themed texture pack aimed to make your Minecraft experience more enjoyable with cartoon-based graphics and full support of many mods– on PC edition. With this MCPE download link also includes the files to a popular ‘shaders’ mod. Of course, if you do not have the latest generation devices, using shaders would be discouraged as it will lag your game and possibly cause crashes.



A villager in its natural habitat


Carrots, Potatoes, and Beetroots


Clock Bug

HD texture packs come with bugs, this is the only one I have found so far.


How to Install: (iOS & Android)

iOS Installation (with/without jailbreak)- iOS Guide!

Android Installation (with/without BL)- Android Guide!

Creator & Sphax Website:

Cole- Twitter!

Sphax Website- BDCraft!

Bugs & Info:

This texture pack should work on all devices, but if there is a problem on a certain device, please do tell.

Because it is a high quality pack, which is not fully supported by MCPE *yet*, there are bound to be a few bugs. The few I have come across are ones you probably would not notice in a normal survival world, as they are hardly noticeable. Here is one bug I have found:

– The clock (yes, we have those) has a texture bug

Other than that, I have not come up with many bugs at all. If you find anymore, please be sure to tell me.


You can also easily install the 128x HD version from our Cydia repository- simply add repo.mcpestuffs.com to your Cydia sources!

Get it- Sphax PocketBDCraft


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  • Felix commented on 26/02/2016 Reply


  • helvetios commented on 17/07/2015 Reply


    I have a little problem… The texture pack comes in an android format and I want to install it on my ipod. How do I do? Juste copy all of the files from all of the folders to the minecraftpe.app folder? Is there any more step like renaming some files or something?

    Hope anyone can help ^^

  • Horzinicla commented on 07/05/2015 Reply

    Whats the link!!??
    Please tell me i liked this texture pack its just like the pc one but its not working with me on pc 🙁

    • PocketMines commented on 07/05/2015 Reply

      This is for PE.

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