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[News] 0.11.0 Beta – Build 4 & 5

Recently, the 5th build of the 0.11.0 beta was released. Make sure you report any bugs in the Google+ community!


Changelog For Build 0.11.0 Beta 5

New features
– New splashes on title screen

Bug fixes
– Chat formatting character skipping
– SetEntityData packet destruction
– Bobber corruption
– Crash when loading an invalid skin
– Milk name
– Enderman name
– Crash when breaking chests
– Crash on arrows after reloading world
– Effect particles not being removed after drinking milk
– Spawn eggs being used in creative mode
– Background queue deadlock
– Crash during quitting
– Black screen issues by killing the background process on activity destruction
– Tile entities (chests, signs) were not saved
– Crash when hooking a Creeper and it explodes

We missed the last build’s changelog, so that’s included here  ๐Ÿ™‚

Changelog For Build 0.11.0 Beta 4

New features
– Implemented milk drinking to remove mob effects

Bug fixes
– Sleeves are now properly rendered in first person
– Fixed potion duration rendering for high values
– Fixed some gamepad menu issues
– Maybe fixed spawning high up in the air
– Wrong player spawning rotation and velocity
– Fixed chat background rendering when using bold
– Bobber no longer collides with ride (boat, minecart, etc)
– Changed the way skins are loaded and saved

– Version name now includes beta number


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  • shannon500 commented on 22/07/2015 Reply

    jugger nog in the city today ha. is a season to be trolling trololo lololo lololo

  • shannon500 commented on 22/07/2015 Reply

    jugger nog in the city today

  • shannon500 commented on 22/07/2015 Reply


  • Izaak commented on 08/06/2015 Reply

    I haven’t even tryed it yet how you download it?

  • Joanesegamer666 commented on 16/05/2015 Reply

    welcome to server ๐Ÿ˜€

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