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0.11.0 Beta – Build 6 & 7

Recently, the 7th build of the 0.11.0 beta was released. Make sure you report any bugs in the Google+ community!


Changelog For Build 0.11.0 Beta 7

Bug fixes
– Fixed AABB on baby zombies
– Fixed potential crash on mob spawner
– Fixed back button on language screen
– Fixed player position on skin screen
– Fixed active nether-reactor crashing when broken
– Fixed crash on rendering null-items
– Fixed wolfs not syncing sitting animation in MP
– Fixed game being stuck on black screen
– Fixed players not getting fall damage
– Fixed inventory not closing on death

We missed the 6th beta, so that changelog follows.

Changelog For Build 0.11.0 Beta 6

New features
– Items can be swapped on the selection bar
– Skin selection player model rotation

Bug fixes
– Fixed items in chest not saving when quitting
– Creative/survival mode change works again
– Always Day switch works again
– Edited world names are now saved
– Corrected entity duplication in multiplayer
– Spawned players will now have the correct rotation without interpolation
– Creative list was incorrect sometimes after connecting to a server
– Fixed a cause of lag on the world list under slow networks
– Fixed possible attacks by servers on server list
– Fixed crash after death and respawning multiple times
– Fixed crash when disconnecting from server
– Riding non-existent entities on multiplayer could crash the game
– Bubble meter no longer gets reset on death screen

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