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[News] 0.11.0 Beta – Build 8

Recently, the 8th build of the 0.11.0 beta was released. Make sure you report any bugs in the Google+ community! Check out Herobrineskull’s video above for a more in depth look at the changes.


Changelog For Build 0.11.0 Beta 8

New features
– Added magma cube spawn egg
– Added ghast spawn egg
– Fishing rod now breaks connection between rider and ride

Bug fixes
– Fixed chat button being invisible while in a boat
– Fixed crash when leaving server while riding
– Fixed spawn-egg mobs falling through the world
– Fixed players not dropping their inventory on death
– Fishing from a boat now casts in the correct direction
– Removed redundant dirty queue (increase performance!)
– Fixed enderman spawn egg names
– Fixed quartz block names
– Fixed wrong lava kind spawning in the world
– Fixed hotbar linking to the same item multiple times
– Changed default biome
– Fixed excess tallgrass in savanna biomes (now 50% more giraffes!)
– Improved (re-)spawning, teleporting
– Bedder bed lighting

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