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Clans In MCPE

Clans in MCPE (also known as Factions/Teams) Have been around in Minecraft Pocket Edition since the first servers came out. Some clans crumble in days and other crumble later but some stay strong and are still together.


When WilliamTDR (Owner/Developor Of Lifeboat Survival Games) Anounced that he was going to relaese a awesome server called Lifeboat Infinity with clans and teams and Infinite worlds and biomes (This was in 0.8.0 when there where no Infinite worlds and Biomes) When it finally was realesed many clans started and they started taking over the MCPE Community on Twitter. Clan Twitters where formed and people added tags to there Twitter, EXAMPLE: [DN] Steve, The tag had the 2 main letters of the clan, As in a example [DN] (DerpNation) But some clans that have short names use the whole name, Example: {VaNe}. Throgh out the whole time that Infinity was up a ton of alliances where made and some clans made others there #1 target to destroy and raid, the whole point of clans was to be in a group and be a loyal member and fight other clans. But when 0.9.0 came out with Infinite worlds it was all over, WilliamTDR didn’t fix  infinity for a lot of players but still some people could still get out of spawn and the others had to leave, But then new servers came out and Clans started to dominate again.


To Join MCPE clans today you need to have Twitter or be in touch with the clan somehow, but now there are tests to get in to clans. There are PvP tests where you try to get the leader down to 3 hearts or some other super good PVPER of the clan down to 3 hearts. Each clan has a diffrent way of recruiting.

The current Big clans in MCPE Are: RK (RebelKingdom) ED/EK (EnderDiamond/EnderKillers) DN (DerpNation) RO (ReallyOP) TE (TheEqualizers) {SaNe} {VaNe} and many others to discover.


Some clans erupt in chaos and others sail through, to have a good clan you need good leaders and loyal members.

(To Find These Clans Search Them As: (ClanName) MCPE)


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    Im Good at 1v1

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