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[News] EnchantedCrafter Interview

So I had the chance to to ask one the youngest YouTubers of the MCPE Community that has seemed to rise to the top the fasted and has appeared in several other YouTubers streams and videos! He is still growing in subs and has an awesome attitude! Here’s how it went:

QUESTION: How did you get into playing Minecraft?

ANSWER: It all started a good two and a half years ago when my friends became into “The Minecraft Craze” and that was pretty much all they talked about. I honestly knew nothing about the game, but decided to give it a try. They all played PC, but at the time I had no PC to play. Some also played Xbox, but, I didn’t have an Xbox at that time, either. As I was scrolling through the Amazon Appstore one day on my Kindle Fire, I found Minecraft: Pocket Edition and asked if I could get it. At that time, both of my brothers shared my kindle fire with me and we all agreed to chip in for the $6.99 cost and try this out. I instantly fell in love with the game, and even suffered through some embarrassing moments, such as when I thought you had to “unlock” blocks…I laugh at that moment every time I think about it.

QUESTION: When did you start YouTube?

ANSWER: Believe it or not, I actually started YouTube 3 ½ years ago. I started as a toy car reviewer. I actually had a decent channel and was always getting a good amount of support. One of my vids hit 60K views and I got recognized by as well as a sub as well as some support from Blucollection, a YouTuber with 2 million subscribers. I quit that channel at 900 subscribers, 300 videos, and 1,000,000 video views, to fulfill my dream of becoming a Minecraft Pocket Edition YouTuber. That was when I started my new channel, Enchanted0519. It hit 1K subs and I did very well. I averaged 800-2K views per video and everything went fine. Then, in the summer, I became inactive and just lost interest in MCPE. There was a period where I hadn’t even touched MCPE for three weeks. Anyways, I sorta just left that channel alone and in January of this year, started my new channel, EnchantedCrafter. I am planning on having this channel be my official channel, whereas I have already reached great new heights with it. Because of this channel, I am now friends with JackFrostMiner, and some other YouTubers I have always looked up to. I spent $150 in channel preparations (I only spent $5 for Enchanted0519) so that’s driving me to keep my channel up and successful.

QUESTION: Have you owned any MCPE Servers?

ANSWER: Yes, I have owned MCPE Servers. It started about a year ago, when I made a server using I made a private server for my friends and literally knew nothing. I couldn’t even enable block placing (I was that bad with knowing anything about the coding language PHP) so I had to use world edit to place blocks. I was the biggest noob you could find when it comes to servers. I didn’t know what a plugin was, or what a console was. Literally, nothing. However, everybody starts at the bottom. Now, I am a server owner with plugin coding experience, an owner of a semi-famous Factions server (40 slots, always full) called GoldenCraft, and I currently host the 3rd most popular Minecraft: Pocket Edition 0.11.0 Beta Testing server.

QUESTION: How much support from others did you get?

ANSWER: Well, it starts with one major thing. Stay calm and collective. Don’t be a fanboy but don’t be an ignorance either. When I became friends with Jack, it started when I donated $10 to his channel. He said “Thanks! U rock! <3” and instead of me going “OMG U REPLIED TO ME IM SUCH A FAN FOLLOW ME JACK UR AWESOME”, like a great majority of people do, I just said, “Thanks! U rock more! :P” and the follow came for itself. In terms of other people, such as DanMCPE, PocketGaming, Ace, Herobrineskull, and a few others, I just stayed active in the community and didn’t get into any drama and helped all the YouTubers as best I can. Remember, Karma always works both ways so if you put out positivity into the world, you will get it back.

QUESTION: Have you ever received a ton of hate?

ANSWER: Have I ever had a ton of haters? Ohhhh boyyy. Especially on my old channel Enchanted0519. Almost every video people would be like “Shut up you squeaker”, pretty much meaning I had a voice like a two year old. And some people were actually dumb enough to say that. I’m glad you asked, though. I enjoy talking about this. Unlike most YouTubers, I actually enjoy hate. Because I take all of those comments, and apply them to the real world. It shows me that people aren’t always “nice” people, and you need to act like those people aren’t to make yourself better in life. Thankfully, I was taught that at a very young age. I probably got more hate on my “0.9 Gameplay Video” the rest of my Enchanted0519 channel alone. This was before 0.9.0 beta came out, when there was a mod that had all the stuff 0.9.0 claimed it would have in it. The description clearly stated, “This video is a mod and it is fake. This is intended for viewing purposes only.” But, of course, haters gonna hate, and then spammed my video with “Ugh. This video is fake” and “How could you do this, uploading a video like this to YouTube?” Also, I didn’t use a screen recorder (because I didn’t have one at the time) and everybody was like “Get your hand out of the way, dude.” And “Horrible video, we can’t even see the screen.” But, that really helped me, once again, show me how to NOT act in the real world. Here’s one of my favorite quotes: “Look at the glass half full, instead of half empty,” which pretty much means (in my case) don’t complain that you got the hate, smile because you are getting free life lessons that you can use to your advantage. Although, thankfully, on EnchantedCrafter, I have barely received any hate, and I am rapidly growing, with in three months having already reached 10K views and 250 subscribers, as well as 100 likes on one video and 350 twitter followers.

QUESTION: How many friends have helped you?

ANSWER: I have to say, a lot of people helped me throughout my time on YouTube. One of the biggest was AppleFTW, an 11 year old graphics designer who makes the best graphics in the world. He made amazing channel art, intros, and more for me and he was really awesome, nice, and helped me understand a lot in the gfx world. Without his gfx, I would be absolutely nowhere on YouTube right now. More importantly, my parents actually helped me the most. I actually explain the YouTube world to them, and they are here to support me. I could say I wanted to be a professional NBA player, and even though I’m short and I’m bad at shooting, they will be there for me to support me every step of the way, no matter how much they don’t believe it will happen. On top of that, I need to pay for graphics for my channel. They would literally take time out of their weekends to drive me to the bank to get me a VISA gift card to pay for my graphics, and that means the world to me. They are awesome, and I would be absolutely nowhere in life, forget about YouTube, without them.


And that’s it for the interview with EncantedCrafter, he is a great guy so I suggest you go sub to him on YouTube and Follow him on Twitter!



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  • MDwesLARL commented on 01/05/2015 Reply

    Good on you! Glad your ranking up ^^

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