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[Texture] Frenden’s Meringued Cartoon Pocket Edition

Discovered on MCPE Universe, this texture pack brings a cartoon environment to Minecraft Pocket Edition. It was created by Obed Garrido, an active member in the Minecraft Pocket Edition community, who you can also find on twitter in the link at the bottom of this post. Below are some pictures of the texture pack being used in the game- let’s take a look!







We greatly apologize for the shortened description on this post. If you liked the texture pack, please be sure to leave a comment under this post! Also, please be sure to follow Obed Garrido on Twitter below.

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  • Janiya commented on 22/04/2016 Reply

    Great Mod.
    I like cartoons this is the greatest!

  • reyjaneandrada commented on 24/09/2015 Reply

    its cool

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