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[News] iOS Update Disables Map Installation?

A new iOS update has been released, 8.3, which unfortunately blocks the ability to access the filesystem through software such as iFunBox and iExplorer. These desktop apps are commonly used for installing custom maps on non jailbroken iOS devices.

iOS 8.3 ruined our freedom of controlling data in our installed Apps and Games,” writes iFunBox in a Facebook post. “Apple blocked access of the entire sandbox directory of every installed App since iOS 8.3. Previously only writing is block in executable directory. Now we totally lost the control of Apps on our own devices. We are investigating the situation. Before there is a solution, iFunbox will fail to open data directory of any App if the device is not jailbroken.

Eeek! Does this mean non jailbroken users will no longer be able to use some of those awesome maps? iFunBox has released an update that allows apps that have the iTunes File Sharing ability to be accessed, but Minecraft currently doesn’t support this 🙁

If you use software like iExplorer and iFunBox to install Minecraft PE maps, it’s definitely best not to update to iOS 8.3.

If you’ve already upgraded to iOS 8.3 and wish you hadn’t, check out the video above for a working tutorial on how to downgrade to iOS 8.2

Thanks to @colecperrine for the heads up

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  • RC commented on 23/06/2015 Reply

    This is not true YOU CAN INSTALL CUSTOM MAPS!!

    -Connect iphone to Computer Open ITUNES
    -In The “APP” section (of the Phone) scroll down till you see File Sharing Minecraft will be listed
    -Simpily Copy “save” the folder Called “games” to your desktop or another location you can find
    -Open the folder that you just saved Inside there will be another folder labeled Minecraft Worlds
    -Drag and drop or copy your saved / custom worlds into that folder “minecraft worlds”
    -Now switch back to Itunes There will be a Button called ‘Add’ next to save, Add the games folder back and over right the old one.
    -Sync Phone, then eject


    • PocketMines commented on 26/06/2015 Reply

      We wrote this post before 0.11.0 was released. Before 0.11.0, you couldn’t do that 🙂

  • SPL1TR commented on 14/04/2015 Reply

    This is not good at all, but I read that if the app has “UIFileSharingEnabled” key set to true in the info.plist then it will still work, maybe someone can get the devs to do that if its not already set to true.

    • PocketMines commented on 14/04/2015 Reply

      I posted that as a suggestion on /r/minecraftsuggestions earlier. Hopefully they’ll take a look at it.

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